I Say, “Fork You Plastic!”

I love food. I love my local dives and restos. When I am working, it’s so easy to jet away from my desk and eat downtown or take the grub back to the office with me. Most takeaway places are moving towards compostable takeout containers. I am seeing a lot more paper boxes, too. Hooray!

However, I am also seeing an abundance of plastic cutlery with all those hurried meals. Boo! It’s hard for these companies (especially mom ‘n’ pop’ joints) to find and afford biodegradable forks, and frankly, most municipalities don’t compost those.

Here’s what I suggest. Say “fork you plastic” and carry a spork or foldout cutlery set in your bag for those on-the-go meals. The cutest and easiest one to me is the Life Without Plastic brand. It’s the one I have been buying up as gifts. Most of them come in a handy, little carrying sack so you can toss the dirty set in its bag for a later time to wash it.

Reusable cutlery set.
This is a camping set from Mountain Equipment Co-op I have had for 15+ years. They all fit into each other and slide into a handy carrying case that’s slim and compact.

A little trick I do when I come back to the office is visit our building’s kitchenette and use one of the forks kept there. Why not even keep one at your desk? Let’s make lunchtime packed with flavour and not fossil fuels.

Take out salad in a compostable bowl with stainless steel fork.
For this lunch I asked the clerk to pour the dressing right on the salad (to skip the plastic ramekin), refused a “plastic” lid (even though it’s made of compostable materials) and said “hells to the no” to the takeaway cutlery.

Meals are easy when they’re to go, and even easier (and better) with reusable cutlery that’s here to stay!

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