Who’s Writing This Blog?

Photo: Cara Chapman Photography. That’s me pregnant with my first, and this is when I really kicked-up my sustainable living practices, for her and her future!

Who’s writing this blog? Me. That’s who. Jessica Eusebio, an eco-nut living intentionally, minimally and carefully with my kids and my partner, in our small, 900 sq. ft., 1950s semi-detached home, in a dubbed hipster city, riding public transit, raising chickens and refusing plastic. (Side note: I am so committed to this lifestyle, that I make sure to drink at local breweries!) 🙂

What we do now affects the generations to come.

I am crazy-focused on making sure my lifestyle choices impact the planet as little as possible. What you read in these blog posts, I really do. This is my life.

I want to share my passion for protecting the planet to everyone I meet. I want to yell, “drop that plastic fork!” at any take-out place. This blog is designed with encouragement and inspiration in mind.

For years, friends were texting and emailing me with questions like:

  • do you really make your own deodorant and can you teach me?
  • how do you own such little amount of toys for your kids?
  • where did you buy your produce bags?
  • what do you mean your bread doesn’t come in a plastic bag?

My answers always ended with:

Yup! And it’s easy! It’s so easy to do. It’s easy on the planet. Mother Nature needs your help. Better yet, it’s really easy on your budget.

Eventually, they all said, “You should just start a blog to house all these cool, environmentally-friendly tips.” So I did!

Read on. Be the change.

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