Let Me Introduce This Blog

Photo of reusable products including straws, cutlery, thermoses and water bottles.

I am nervous you won’t like it. But I decided I don’t care if you don’t like it (not true, I do!) [insert many emojis here]. It’s just, I knew that if I didn’t come up with this blog, if I didn’t have a place to house my tips and tricks and try to help motivate just one person to refuse, oh, let’s say, one disposable coffee cup, I would be so mad at myself. I knew I had to do something, on my own, to help the planet.

Reusable, stainless steel straws, mugs and bottles.
This is my small reusable arsenal I keep with me in my backpack. A small white bowl from a thrift store with a ceramic bottom; stainless steel water bottle; cutlery set from MEC that fits neatly in its black container (owned 15 years); reusable coffee/tea mug; stainless steel straws; reusable shopping bag.

My site’s back-end has been sitting stuffed for weeks with a bunch of posts in draft mode, and I’ve been in a frozen state, nervous to launch this blog.

But then a fantastic conversation between myself and a friend happened that was spearheaded by #PlasticFreeJuly. Once we were done talking, I typed up this post immediately. I am inspired to write this ‘inaugural’ post and send it out into the depths of the internet. Why now? Because I remembered Rosa Parks.

The friend, in said conversation, had asked me if I was scared about how damaged our planet is. (Yup! I am, but not discouraged.) She then asked me if I ever feel paralyzed by the whole thing. I said, “Nope. Because I just have to keep doing it and pushing it. I can’t stop now. What would happen if people before me stopped? What would have happened if Rosa Parks didn’t move seats?”

Imagine that! I ask you to really imagine that. Imagine if Harvey Milk didn’t run… and win! Imagine if creators and inventors of reusable and stainless steel vessels and straws didn’t create them. Imagine all the change-makers.

You know what they did? They refused to believe and accept the status quo. They made change. And maybe this blog will make change.

This blog is all about being easy. The catch-phrase is that living a sustainable life is easy on the planet, easy to do and easy on your budget. Hence its name, Project: Easy Living.

The easiest thing you can do is refuse. Start refusing single use plastics like straws, coffee cups, water bottles and bags. The act of refusing needs to come before reusing, reducing and recycling.

These pieces easily fit and lightly in my backpack. Don’t have a backpack? You probably carry a briefcase, purse or lunch bag to work, or a tote out for a weekend jaunt. Toss ’em in there. You know what else? A lot of places offer discounts for BYOContainer. So it’s not just easy to do, it’s easy on your budget.

I plan to keep bringing you these really easy tips. Start with one of them. And then grow. Before long, it’ll be second nature. It’s easy!

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