A Day In The Life: Grocery Shopping III (Lady Sara’s Bounty Review)

Woman collecting eggs from backyard chickens.

Note: I first wrote this post last year before COVID-19 hit. I was ready to share it when the world paused and no one knew what was going to happen. Sara’s business is back up and running just like it was before. She has confirmed that the only changes from pre-Coronavirus are: the licensed kitchen has increased their sanitation standards and has made mandated mask regulations, and she is (unfortunately) taking on less orders, so get yours in! For all details and questions, please contact Sara at ladysarasbounty@gmail.com or message her on Instagram.


Full disclosure: I really do hate grocery shopping. In my first post about grocery shopping I stated within the first few lines: “If there was one adulting duty I wish I could make happen with the wave of a wand it would be grocery shopping.”

Unlike other domestic duties, I truly find grocery shopping a mundane ordeal. I actually get pleasure from cleaning my house, and laundry is just not that big of a deal. I mean the machine does most of the work. I just fold in front of some show I am watching.

But we need to do it! And I like to think I do it well. And actually, it’s not even grocery shopping per se, but rather the meal-planning portion of the grocery shopping process that drives me nuts. Being creative. Coming up with new and exciting dishes… that are flavourful… and bright… that are filling… but not necessarily meat-focused. Bah!

Recently I added a new element to my routine: meal delivery! At this stage in the game of my life with little kids, swim lessons, volunteering, it is a blessing, and I thank Sara of Lady Sara’s Bounty for being my saviour. This isn’t takeout. This isn’t fast-food (in fact, quite the opposite). This isn’t pre-packaged, conveyor belt-made meals. This isn’t even grocery store “baked on-site” food. This is homemade, whipped up by a friend, flavourful and fresh, with wholesome ingredients, delivered to my door in glass dishes. It’s all the pleasure without the guilt!

It’s kind of like having your mom stay with you and having the meals already prepared for when you get home. Sara does all the hard work: she plans the meals, does the grocery shopping, lugs the groceries to the licensed kitchen, washes, chops, measures, cuts, blends and makes these crazy delicious, fabulous, unique, filling dishes. So really, for some (not me though), she might be better than having your mom around. But the best part? She does it with the planet in mind!

It’s a low waste service. Convenience food does not have to be so heavy on waste. I think my service proves this point. Also…I like to feed the chickens any leftovers to cut back on food waste. Melon rinds, lettuce, extra pasta, you name it.


When purchasing [ingredients] my first thought is always packaging. For example, traditionally, restaurants use English cucumbers, but they are packed in plastic. I choose field cucumbers as they are not packaged in plastic. I will always choose produce without plastic even if the alternative is on sale. During the winter it is tricky; however, I do look for Ontario and Canada stickers whenever possible with produce.


Here are the main reasons I have started subscribing to her weekly meal delivery:

  1. homemade and healthy: Hey, I like to order pizza as much as the next guy, but my heart and health wouldn’t tolerate it well. Instead, this is the convenience of fast food, but it’s made with wholesome and fresh ingredients. And she makes it all by hand including using her own chickens’ eggs and, when in season, her farmed veggies.
  2. low waste: I love that 3/4 seasons she grows the produce herself, meaning right there, the plastic is eliminated. We’re talking even less carbon emissions since you can’t get much more local than a backyard.
  3. glass containers: Each item is delivered in glass containers, old mason jars and other glass-based containers. Isn’t that brilliant?! No styrofoam or plastic here!
  4. grows her own veg: This is the most refreshing part. It’s so nice she doesn’t use pesticides.
  5. raises her own chickens: I will just leave this one here! Mmm, fresh eggs!
  6. heavily plant-based: I mentioned before in previous posts that being a vegetarian is really healthy for you and for the planet. Vegan is best, but baby steps are awesome. Furthermore, the way commercial animals are raised is inhumane and the whole beef industry is a compound problem that produces large amounts carbon emissions. Sara will offer meat options for a add-on cost. The meals are vegetarian-based.

World-wide, there are about 1.5 billion cows and bulls. All ruminants (animals which regurgitate food and re-chew it) on the world emit about two billion metric tons of CO2-equivalents per year. In addition, clearing of tropical forests and rain forests to get more grazing land and farm land is responsible for an extra 2.8 billion metric tons of CO2 emission per year!

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) agriculture is responsible for 18% of the total release of greenhouse gases world-wide (this is more than the whole transportation sector). 

If slaughterhouses had glass walls, everyone would be vegetarian.

Linda and Paul McCartney

I think the bullets speak for themselves. We are a family of four, and I order the “single’s meal” size and not the family one. For $107 (including delivery) I get enough stuff to act as a side dish, or be the main That includes 4-5 baked goods, a weekly soup and 4-5 “main” dishes. She always offers up specials, extras or meat-based options for an additional cost. I love the “single” size for us four. We don’t have enough for lunch leftovers the next day, but that works ok for us. That way I spend the rest of my budget getting stuff from the grocery store, market or Zerocery.

Some meals I have received from Sara are:

  • Cobb salad – the eggs and cheese filled us plenty. I served with some nice crusty bread.
  • Greek salad – we added a can of pole-and-line caught tuna and pita.
  • Beet, walnut and rice salad – that was served with some quinoa.
  • All her soups – we make up a salad and some vegetarian sammy like a grilled cheese or cheese and tomato
  • Quiches, pies and tarts – easily served with rice, potatoes and/or a salad. But her quiche *smacks lips*!
  • Veggie burritos and quesadillas – we whip up a Mexican-style salad and serve with avocados
  • Falafel and bowls – this is an easy add-on to a quinoa main

You won’t be disappointed. It’s an affordable service that’s easy to eat and order, easy on your pocket book, and easy on the planet. You’ll be filled, happy, and know you’re eating healthy. Not to mention the benefit of supporting a local, small business, especially a woman-run one!

I can’t say enough! She doesn’t just serve up good food. She provides you with a bounty of feel-goods!

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