A Day In The Life: Grocery Shopping II (Zerocery review)

White dog laying in front of a delivery of zero waste groceries.

Walking through a conventional grocery store sometimes brings me angst. I am surrounded by plastic. Have you actually stopped and looked around? Excluding the produce section (but ignoring the flimsy, dolphin-choking produce bags in that section), any aisle you're in is almost plastered by, in and with plastic. Picture the baking aisle: baking powder, cinnamon, … Continue reading A Day In The Life: Grocery Shopping II (Zerocery review)

Halloween Is Scarier Than You Think


Halloween is one of the cutest holidays ever. Newborns in little skeleton onesies. Toddlers in one-piece animal suits. Kiddos emanating childhood dreams through costumes. And for me, this holiday is one of my faves: chocolate bonanzas, carving pumpkins, Ghostbusters on TV on repeat, Hallmark Channel movie sets at fall fairs and corn fields. Just things … Continue reading Halloween Is Scarier Than You Think