Wishy-Washy Cloth Is My Decisive Choice

I have very passionately written in the past about menstrual cycles and how to use reusable products to get you through those crappy, bloaty days in my post Bloody Disaster.

I was given the opportunity to review Wishy-Washy Cloth reusable pads.* Granted, I have only used two types of reusable pads in my life, but this one compared to my first one is hands-down, by far, superior. Since I only use pads for overnight, I knew I needed something that could be used with or without my DivaCup, and preferably allow me to keep sleeping all night. Since my flow is heavy, I wasn’t sure what to get. I was used to having to wake up in the middle of the night and [sigh] I hate it. I was suggested a 12″ heavy absorbency, but I had a feeling I needed just a 10″ moderate. I was right! It reached from back to front well, but not diaper-feeling.

These cloths are made of 95% cotton and 5% Lycra topping with a 70% bamboo (bonus!) and 30% cotton mix for the core and a 100% polyester backing. While both my pads absorb well, here are the reasons I prefer Wishy-Washy Cloth:

  • The profile is thinner.
  • The centre absorber seems to collect right in the middle, which is nice; it doesn’t spill out to the rest of the pad messily.
  • It’s stiffer, as in, I like that the pad doesn’t fold up and bunch up while I am sleeping. It stayed put!
  • It collected everything overnight! It was amazing. I didn’t have to wakeup in the middle of the night, and I didn’t even wear a menstrual cup. I was so impressed!
  • It cleaned up so well. I will say I didn’t follow the exact instructions on the card that came with it, but I did do a cold rinse and hot wash and it came out perfect.
New fall patterns from Wishy-Washy Cloth.

In general, any choice you make to use a reusable pad, versus a disposable one, is a good choice. However, why not make the experience really comfortable, absorbent, easy to use and beautiful, too. Look at this stunning pattern!

I highly suggest this sucker! Get one and let me know what you think. Check them out and all their new patterns, sizes and profiles.

* Wishy-Washy Cloth offered me one reusable pad to try in exchange for a review. The words expressed here are my own, and are based on my experience with the product.

2 thoughts on “Wishy-Washy Cloth Is My Decisive Choice

  1. Thank-you so much, Jessica, for this lovely review. I am so grateful to every woman who chooses sustainable menstrual care and particularly grateful when she chooses Wishy-Washy!


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