Doodles Repurposed For To-Dos

meal planning list

To-do lists.

Grocery lists.

Packing lists.

Weekly family menu planning.

Love notes.

Reminder notes.

Whatever it is, we all have used cutesy pads of paper to jot all these down. Whether it’s from a fancy stationery store at $6-10 for a few pads at 50 sheets each or the dollar store at $1-2 for a few dozen sheets, it’s all headed for the recycle bin.

Take note that those dollar store buys are the worst. From being deceivingly cheap to detrimental on your health and the planet, buying note pads just doesn’t make sense. This is an easy purchase to scrap, pun intended.

Everywhere in your life there is paper you just don’t need. Think of the emails printed (non-confidential), the unwanted mail, or in my house, the many pieces of art that my kids make and bring home.

Don’t get me wrong, we proudly hang those Pollock-esque art pieces up for all to see. But I cannot keep all of my mini Matisse’s watercolours for the decades to come. I do not have that kind of room, nor do I want to keep the 49 pieces they make a day! [eye roll].

You can put pen to paper on the oodles of doodles, paintings, drawings, colouring and scribbles from your kiddo artists by transforming them into many notepads.

Talk about easy! Easy on the planet for sure as you’re not only repurposing an item before it goes in the recycle bin, but you’re refusing to buy expensive (and lavish) note pads. This is easy on your budget as it’s free! And it’s the easiest to do. I literally rip the pages into fours every couple weeks when art comes home.

Want to know what’s easier? Making up those “hunny do lists” for the not-so-easy home projects.

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