Let The Sun Do The Work

Photo of cloth diaper liners hung on a clothesline in the sun.

I loved cloth diapering my babes. Yes, even with all the sh*ts my youngest son produced. How can one chunky little guy make that much poop?

But the best part of cloth diapering (besides the impressive savings compared to disposables) is easily sun-bleaching them on a clothesline. It is simply adorable seeing little white squares blow in the wind, and frankly, cuteness aside, it saves a whack of money and it helps the planet.

Five reasons why line-drying is preferred over using a dryer:

  • The sun acts as a safe alternative to using bleach to whiten and disinfect. The sun’s ultraviolet rays will kill bacteria and leave those liners crisp and white.
  • Conventional, electric dryers use anywhere from 3.5-5 kWh / hour. It’s a beast and an energy-guzzler. Dryers sit as the top three most energy-consuming appliances in a home. Save energy, and save the wear-and-tear on your dryer.
  • Better yet, save your money. Clothesline-drying is free! Do the math.
  • Cloth diapers last a long time. To make them last for more than one kid, hang them. I bought my diapers used, and plan to sell them, and they are in excellent used condition because of line-drying. Dryers are convenient and fast, but they wear at your products. Line-drying keeps them in better shape, prolonging their use.
  • They smell so darn good. Everything hung on the line smells like a breath of fresh air.

Pretty easy huh?

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